Sunday, 22 January 2012


Class 9th Mathematics January test 2012 Time: 1 Hr. FM: 35

1. Two parallelograms are on equal bases and between the same parallels. The ratio of their areas is—

2. A cuboids having surface areas of 3 adjacent faces as a, b and c has the volume -----

3. Each edge of a cube is increased by 40%. The % increase in the surface area is----

4. In a class, there are x girls and y boys, a student is selected randomly, then probability of selecting boy is -------

5. The probability of an event is always ---------- to 1
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1. Fill in the blanks carrying 1 marks

1) If the edges of a cube are halved, then its volume become

2) For plotting a point on graph sheet, we need ______ and ______.

3) ---- is the co-ordinates of origin.

4) The point (0, 5) lie on--------- axis

5) The representation of statistical data by means of circle is known as ------- that is also called a----

6) A coin is tossed twice. --------- is the probability of getting both tails.

7) One card is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 cards. --- is the probability of getting a face card.

8) ------ is the maximum value of the probability for an event?

9) Two dice are thrown simultaneously. –- is the probability of getting an even number as the sum.

10) If base radius of a cylinder is doubled then the volume of new cylinder  ______ times the volume of given cylinder.
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