Tuesday, 24 December 2013

March 2014 boards Exam: Break between each paper for Class X students[TOI]

Students appearing for the Class X board exams in March next year are set to get a break between each paper thanks to the scheduling.

Since the public exam will be conducted parallel to the Class XII board exams, the papers for Class X will be scheduled on alternate days, offering students some valuable extra study time.

The scheduling of Class XII papers is everyday from March 1 to 15.

On days when 'minor' Class XII papers-to be answered by a smaller number of students-are scheduled, the students of Classes X and XII will answer from common centres. The past practice of pairing seniors and juniors during such exams will however not be adopted.

"Some years ago, some papers of the two public exams were answered from common centres and the students would be made to sit together in each class. Though students of Classes X and XII will share centres during the 2014 exams, we will see to it that they are not made to sit together in a class," said Jose Remedios Rebello, chairperson, Goa board of secondary and higher secondary education.

He said schools that serve as centres will remain shut, at least during the morning session, when the public exams are in progress.

"Mostly city schools serve as board exam centres and will give their students a break when the board exams are on," said Rebello.

He added that other schools will also have to give their students a break during the exams-scheduled from March 1 to 15-as "we require their teachers as supervisors etc during the exams".

Schools will however have the liberty to call their students, especially their weaker ones, during the second half of the day "so that they may not be completely shut", said Rebello.

He said that though the Classes X and XII exams are being held earlier than usual due to the revised academic calendar to allow schools to attain minimum instructional days, the results of the public exams will be announced on dates similar to the last academic year.

"The results will be announced in the first and second week of May. The results will take time, although the exams are being held earlier, because the teachers will be called in batches and not all at once for paper corrections. This is to enable them to conduct classes at their respective schools," said Rebello.


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