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CBSE Sample Papers Class VIII Mathematics (2012-2013)

CBSE Sample Papers Class VIII Mathematics (2012-2013)
1) A dealer buys a wrist watch for Rs.225 and spends RS.15 on its repairs. If he sells the same for RS.300, find his profit percent.
(a) 75% (b) 60% (c) 25% (d) 20%
2) Mona gets 98 marks in her exams. This amounts to 56% of the total marks. What are the maximum marks?
(a) 175 (b) 150 (c) 200 (d) 160
3) Akhil has to pay 4% sales tax in addition to the price of a certain article. Find the price of the article, if he pays Rs.260 in all.
(a) Rs.220 (b) Rs.250 (c) Rs.256 (d) Rs.200
4) The value of a machine depreciates every year by 10%. What will be its value after 2 years, if its present value is Rs.50,000?
(a) Rs.40,500 (b) Rs.40,050 (c) Rs.40,000 (d) Rs.45,000
5) Aby lent Rs.8,000 to his friend for 3 years at the rate of 5% per annum compounded annually. What amount does Aby get afer 3 years?
(a) Rs.9,000 (b) Rs.9,200 (c)Rs.9,216 (d) Rs.9,261
6) Find the amount on Rs.4,096 at the rate of 12 ½% per annum for 18 months compounded half-yearly.
(a) Rs.5,000 (b) Rs.4,913 (c) Rs.4,931 Rs.5,832
7) The present population of a town is 28,000. If it increases at the rate of 5% per annum, what will be its population after 2 years?
(a) 30,000 (b) 30,800 (c) 30,870 (d) 30,870
9) If the cost price of 18 mangoes is the same as the selling price of 16 mangoes, find the gain percent.
(a) 15% (b) 12.5% (c0 15.5% (d) 12%
10) What is the value of „m‟, if = ?  (52)n m = (5-7)2
a) 5 b) -2 c) -7 d) 2
Section-B( 3 marks questions)
11. What least number must be subtracted from 7250 to get a perfect square? Also, find the square root of this perfect square
12. What is the least number by which 12348must be divided to obtain a perfect square?
13. x+ y + z = 0, prove that x3+ y3 + z3 = 3xyz.    Or,  Factorize:  (a8 – b8)
14.  If ( x2 + 1/x2) = 83 .  Find   X3- 1/X3
15.  Factorize (i) 25a² – 4b² + 28bc – 49c²     (ii) 5y² – 20y – 8z + 2yz         
16.A motor boat covers a certain distance downstream in a river in 5 hours. It covers the same distance upstream in 6 hours. The speed of water is 2 km/hr . Find the speed of the boat in still water.
17. Each side of a triangle is increased by 10 cm. If the ratio of the perimeters of the new  triangle and the given triangle is 5 : 4, find the perimeter of the given triangle
18. A dealer buys an article for Rs.380. At what price must he mark it so that after allowing a  discount of 5%, he still makes a profit of 25%?
19. Ajit buys a motorcycle for Rs.17600 including Value Added Tax. If the rate of VAT is 10%, what is the sale price of motorcycle?
20. Two sides of a parallelogram are in the ratio 5 : 3. If its perimeter is 64 cm, find the lengths of its sides.
Section-C ( 5 marks questions)
21. ABCD is a rectangle. If BM and DN are perpendiculars from B and D on AC, prove that ∆ BMC ∆ DNA. Is it true that BM = DN?
23. If (x + l)(x + m) = x2 + 4x+ 2 find l2 +  m2 and (l - m)2
24. ABCD is a parallelogram and line segments AE and CF bisect the angles A and C and meet DC and  AB at E and F respectively. Show that AE CF.
25. The lengths of the diagonals of a rhombus are 16 cm and 12 cm respectively. Find the length of each of its sides. 


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