Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Direct and Inverse Proportions -NCERT Class VIII Maths Test Paper

1. 68 boxes of contain commodity require a shelf- length of 13.6 m. How many boxes of the same commodity would occupy a shelf- length of 20.4 m?
2. 11 men can dig 6 and 3/4  m long trench in one day. How many men should be employed for digging 27m long trench of the same type in one day?
3. 120 men had food provisions for 200 days. After 5 days, 30 men die due to an epidemic. How long will the remaining food last?
4. A car can finish a certain journey in 10 hours at the speed of 48km/hr. By how much should  its speed be increased so that it may take only 8 hours to cover the same distance?
5. In a hostel of 50 girls, there are food provisions for 40 days. If 30 more girls join the hostel, how long will these provisions last?    
6. A worker is paid Rs.210 for 6 days work. If his total income of the month is Rs. 875, for how many did he work? 
7. A train 400m long is running at a speed of 72km/hr. How much time does it take to cross a telegraph post?
8. A train 360m long is running at a speed of 45 km/hr. What time will it take to cross a 140m long bridge?
9.A  train 210m long took 12 seconds to pass a 90 m long tunnel. Find the speed of the train.
10. If 5 men or 7 women can earn Rs 875 per day, how much would 10 men and 5women earn per day.
11. The cost of 16packets of salt, each weighing 900 g, is Rs 84. Find the cost of 27packets of salt, each weighing 1kg.
11. If 3persons can weave 168 shawls in 14 days, how many shawls will be woven by 8 persons in 5d ays?
12. If the cost of transporting 160kgof goods for 125kmis Rs60. What will be the cost of transporting 200kg of goods for 400km?
13. 6oxen or 8cows can graze a field in 28days. How long would 9oxen and 2cows take to graze the same field?
14. 6 men working 8 hours a day, earn Rs 8400per week. What will be the earning per week of 9men who work for 6hoursa day?
15. A fort had provision for 300men for 90days. After 20days, 50men left the fort. How long would the food last at the same rate?